Pup Who Made Viral Appearance During Soccer Match Adopted By Bolivian Player

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot ABC News

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The puppy who made an appearance during a soccer match in Bolivia on Dec. 24 has been adopted.

The dog, nicknamed Cachito, was adopted by the Bolivian player who carried the pup off the field as seen in a viral video on social media, according to Yahoo! News. Tigre player Raúl Castro adopted Cachito after he heard that the pup had been hit by a vehicle two days after he interrupted the game and was recovering at an animal shelter, local outlet Página Siete reported. (RELATED: Pup Stolen During 2012 Home Invasion Reunites With Owner 8 Years Later)

Cachito went viral after a video of him chewing on a shoe while running around the soccer field was shared on social media. The game he cleverly interrupted was between Tigre and Nacional Potosí at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz.


It makes me happy when people step up for animals in this way. Cachito was in need and Castro really came through for him. Now, the pup can recover and maybe get to run around on the soccer field whenever he wants. What a happy ending.