Driver Says Lyft Demanded A $2,500 Deductible From Him After His Passenger Carjacked Him

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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A Lyft driver from Chicago says he was told by Lyft to pay a $2,500 deductible in order to be reimbursed for damage to his car after he was carjacked on the job.

“Next thing I know I got a gun to my head,” Lyft Driver James Durkin said, according to CBS Minnesota. “They got my driver’s license. My wife’s scared to death someone was going to show up at the house.”

A week after the incident, Chicago police found Durkin’s vehicle severely damaged, the local outlet reports. (RELATED: One Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded In Shooting By Carjacking Suspect)

Durkin was reportedly offered the value of the vehicle minus the $2,500 deductible, around $10,000, through Lyft’s insurance policy with Progressive, according to the outlet. Lyft also allegedly sent Durkin a $100 ride credit for “any of your transportation needs” after the incident.

“One hundred dollars for almost losing my life for picking up somebody they gave me to? Not too good,” Durkin said, according to CBS Minnesota. Lyft is reportedly in touch with the police regarding the situation.

After local outlet WBBM-TV contacted Lyft about the deductible, Durkin reported to CBS Minnesota that Lyft had suddenly decided to drop the $2,500 deductible.

Durkin reportedly also received four tickets for running red lights in the mail after the car had been stolen. The city agreed to waive the tickets.