REPORT: CNN Journalist Chris Cuomo Gets Caught Admiring His Muscles In Mirrored Elevator Walls

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

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Journalist Chris Cuomo was reportedly caught admiring his muscles in an elevator by a couple of neighbors.

Cuomo was flexing his muscles in the mirrored walls of the elevator in his apartment building, an insider confirmed to Page Six in a report published Wednesday. The insider told the outlet that Cuomo didn’t even notice that the other people in the elevator were staring at him as he admired his muscles.

I’m dying laughing at this story. (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Lavishes Praise On Governor Brother Andrew Cuomo)

It’s no secret that Cuomo is somewhat fit. He has been open about his fitness routine in the past and revealed that he attends CrossFit.

“With CrossFit, I got into it years ago,” he told The New York Times in an article about how he looks the way he looks. “I believe in functional strength. I am fascinated with middle age and performance. I do no bodybuilding. I don’t believe in it. I only care about what my body can do. How it looks is of little value.”

He does have a semi-nice body and if we’re being honest, who isn’t going to check themselves out in an elevator mirror?