NYT Gave Anonymity To Hilaria Baldwin Source Because She Said She Feared Alec Baldwin Might Punch Her

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The New York Times granted anonymity to a source regarding Hilaria Baldwin because she said she was afraid Alec Baldwin might punch her.

Reports first circulated early in the week that Hilaria Baldwin had been lying about her claims to Spanish heritage. (RELATED: Hilaria Baldwin Says People Are Just ‘Confused’ About Her Fake Accent, Spanish Heritage)

The New York Times interviewed Baldwin and several others to follow up on the story — but one source was granted anonymity because she was reportedly concerned that Hilaria’s husband, actor Alec Baldwin, might retaliate violently if he was not pleased with the outcome of the story.

The NYT reported:

“We’re all bored and it’s just seemed so strange to me that no one had ever come out and said it, especially for someone who gets so much media attention,” said the woman, who was granted anonymity by The New York Times because she said she was scared that Mr. Baldwin, who agreed to take an anger management course in 2019 in order to dispose of charges over a fight with man over a parking spot and has been arrested, escorted from a plane and suspended from a job as an MSNBC host, all in the last decade, would punch her. (A spokeswoman for Baldwin declined to comment.)

Hilaria Baldwin has continued to defend herself since the reports began to circulate, blaming people’s perceptions for any criticism of her claims.