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We Went On A Covert Hunt For MS-13 In America. Here’s What We Saw

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What’s it like in the world of MS13?
From anonymous interviews with former gang members to ride alongs with covert law enforcement seeking to disrupt MS13’s operations, the Daily Caller’s exclusive access reveals never before heard stories about the battle to save America’s streets.

They were birthed from civil war in Central America. They gained asylum in California, organized, then cut across the United States, leaving death and drugs in their wake. Now, Americans have died at the hands of MS13 in places as far east as Long Island.
The Daily Caller’s exclusive story takes place in the suburbs of Virginia, where former gang members detail their brutal initiations and the gang’s horrifying operations. Then step inside the world of police, as the Caller goes on a covert ride along to track MS13 operations.
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You’ll be at the center of the action.

Watch the full documentary to get an exclusive look at the dangerous life of MS-13 members and the threat it imposes on the country.

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