Rascal Flatts Band Member Gary LeVox Clarifies Post About Nashville Bombing Conspiracy Theory

(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

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Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox clarified comments he made online about the Nashville bombing after receiving backlash.

LeVox seemingly shared a conspiracy theory that the Nashville bombing was actually a “missile attack” that intended to halt auditing of voting machines, according to Fox News. LeVox later spoke to Rick Daniels, host of the radio show “Big Rick In The Morning,” about why he decided to share the theory online.

“So one of my friends had sent me the video,” he told Daniels. “I took a picture of that. It shows where the lunatic’s RV was. I was like, wait a minute. There’s the RV and there’s the source of the explosion. I don’t know anything about explosions but it did raise a question to me, like, ‘Hmm?'”

“I just wanted to hear what everybody else thought,” he continued. “I’ll tell you what Big Rick, I’ve never seen so much hate.” (RELATED: Feds Use DNA Testing To Identify Anthony Q. Warner As Nashville Bomber)

LeVox continued, saying nothing can be taken at “face value” anymore.

“Nothing seems to be at face value in 2020 anymore,” LeVox added. “Look how long we’ve been dealing with the pandemic. Do you wear a mask? Don’t wear a mask? It’s been a whole year of questions so when this thing happened in Nashville, which was Christmas morning when we woke up, I was like, ‘Let’s see how they try to cover this up.'”

Authorities in Nashville revealed DNA testing had identified Anthony Q. Warner as the bomber and that he died in the explosion on Christmas morning, as previously reported.