Joe Concha: Jim Acosta Should ‘Go Work For The Biden Administration’ If He Won’t Challenge The New President

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Reporter Joe Concha said Wednesday that if CNN’s Jim Acosta was not prepared to challenge President-Elect Joe Biden’s administration, he should work for them.

Concha, columnist for The Hill, joined “Hannity” guest host Tammy Bruce to discuss the way media might handle the transition to a Biden administration. Concha said that Acosta had a habit of taking policy positions and acting as an advocate or an activist rather than a journalist. (RELATED: Columnist Joe Concha Rebukes The Media For Dishonest Reporting On Catholic School Kids)


“They’re obvious there is no effort to even hide the bias,” Bruce began, saying that journalists seemed almost pleased to announce that they would cover a Biden administration differently than they had covered President Donald Trump over the last four years. “They seem to be thrilled to be able to admit that they’re going to give Joe Biden pass and handle the situation differently.”

“The good news is, if you yearned for an objective press, Jim Acosta suddenly becomes invisible and irrelevant because he goes from being confrontational to coddling, and that doesn’t get you book deals,” Concha said, noting that Acosta had gotten a book deal during the Trump administration.

Concha went on to say that Acosta’s style might not lend itself well to covering the new administration, adding that there would likely be far fewer antagonistic questions shouted after press briefings wrapped and fewer instances where reporters could “play the victim.” (RELATED: ‘Gotta Let Me Finish, Jim, This Isn’t A Cable News Segment’: Kayleigh McEnany Chastises CNN’s Acosta For Interrupting)

“I think now at this point, if you’re not going to challenge those in power, then go work for the party you supported. Maybe go work for the DNC, go work for the Biden administration as a speechwriter,” Concha explained. “Because in Acosta’s case and some others in the White House Press Corps, they gave speeches instead of asking questions and taking policy positions and presenting themselves as journalists when they’re actually activists.”