‘Wonder Dog’ K-9 Officer Retires After A Decade Of Service

(Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A Minnesota German shepherd nicknamed, “Wonder Dog,” that had served as a K-9 officer for nearly a decade retired on Thursday.

Schody, the recently retired K-9 had served with his partner, Scott Staples for 10 years. Staples and Schody were one of six K9 teams within the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, according to the Star Tribune.

The K9s are put through training that lasts several weeks, finished by training with detection. One of Schody’s specialities was being able to sniff out and locate firearms. Schody ended up receiving high marks for the work he accomplished. (RELATED: Police Dogs Find 25 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Alleged Drug Trafficker’s Bathroom)

The K-9 teams assist the officers in tracking and locating people, sniffing out invasive species, as well as sniffing out fish and wildlife violations, according to the Star Tribune.

“Schody is very fortunate to go to 10 years – he really is – but he’s starting to suffer from a disease right now and it’s time for him to retire and just be a house dog, although he hates it probably just as much as I do,” explained Staples. “I spend more time with that dog than I do with my own family.”

While Staples will miss Schody, Staples already has a new German shepherd, Fennec, who will be assisting him with work. Meanwhile, Schody, who has a degenerative disease will be living at home with Staples and his family.

“It’s going to be sad,” Staples explained. “For the last 10 years, he’s gotten into that pickup truck with me. He’s going to hate to stay at home. So I think I’m probably going to have to wean him off of that a little bit – take him with me to work every once in a while just to keep him thinking he’s still the big dog around the house,” Staples added.