‘Have You Ever Done Acid?’: Andy Cohen Demands Anderson Cooper Take LSD During CNN’s New Year Coverage

(Screenshot via Twitter, @BarstoolNewsN)

Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Bravo host Andy Cohen jokingly told Anderson Cooper he should take LSD during CNN’s new year coverage Thursday night at Times Square.

“Have you ever done acid?” Cohen asked Cooper on live television during CNN’s annual new year show.

Cooper responded that he hadn’t.

“Well, it’s time; we’re doing it tonight,” Cohen said as his co-host shook his head, denying his offer. “You’re coming over after the show.”


The pair had several amusing moments from Thursday night’s broadcasting, including when Cohen called out New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, demanding he do “something with this city!” (RELATED: Andy Cohen Roasts Bill De Blasio During CNN New Year’s Special)

“That’s how I felt when I saw Mayor de Blasio dancing just now,” Cohen told Cooper after taking a shot of tequila. “I just don’t need to see that at the beginning of 2021. Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!”

“I’ll be tiptoeing back to Bravo in about 20 minutes,” Cohen continued after some awkward silence. “While I have this platform, I got some other stuff I want to say too.”

During the special, the Bravo host revealed that he brought with him two bottles of tequila for both of them to drink over the course of the night.