Brad Raffensperger Says Trump’s Data ‘Is Just Plain Wrong,’ Stands By Pushing Back Against Trump During Leaked Phone Call

Screenshot Good Morning America, WFTV-TV, ABC7; Orlando, Florida

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said President Donald Trump’s data on mass voter fraud “is just plain wrong” during a Monday morning interview with ABC News.

Raffensperger spoke on “Good Morning America” after a leaked phone call published by The Washington Post showed the president asking Raffensperger “to find” the necessary votes to give Trump a recount win. Raffensperger pushed back on Trump’s claims, which included repeating baseless claims regarding mass voter fraud, during the phone call.

“George, for the last two months we’ve been fighting a rumor whack-a-mole,” Raffensperger told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “And it was pretty obvious very early on that we debunked every one of those theories that’s been out there, but that President Trump continues to believe them.”


“We believe that truth matters,” he continued. “We continue to fight to get our message out, but it’s fighting a rumor whack-a-mole daily.” (RELATED: Fox News’ Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade Shoot Down Trump’s Mass Voter Fraud Allegations, Confirm There’s ‘No Proof Of It’)

Raffensperger continued on to say he did not feel pressured after Trump told him “to find” votes. He asserted that they “have to follow the process” and “the law” and said what they have done “follows the Constitution of the State of Georgia, follows the United States Constitution, follows state law.”

The conversation continued when Stephanopoulos asked Raffensperger about a Sunday report from The New York Times about numerous other calls being made from the White House to his office since the election.

“Have you spoken to the president before yesterday?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Raffensperger denied speaking to Trump before the leaked phone call and said he “never believed it was appropriate” to do so. Georgia’s secretary of state continued on to accuse Trump and his staff of continuing to push for the phone call.

“We took the call and we had a conversation,” Raffensperger explained. “He did most of the talking. We did most of the listening, but I did want to make my points the data he has is just plain wrong. He had hundreds and hundreds of people he said that were dead that voted. We found two, that’s an example. He has bad data.”