Paul Ryan Criticizes Republicans Contesting Election As ‘Anti-Conservative’

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke out about conservatives who plan on contesting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Under our system, voters determine the president, and this self-governance cannot sustain itself if the whims of Congress replace the will of the people,” Ryan said in a press release.

Ryan then goes on to say that intervention into the election results would be “anti-democratic” and “anti-conservative.” (RELATED: ‘Need To Stop’: Paul Ryan Says Trump Must Concede Election)

Democratic California Congressman Eric Swalwell commented in support of Ryan on Twitter Sunday.

“Efforts to reject the votes of the Electoral College and sow doubt about Joe Biden’s victory strike at the foundation of our republic,” Ryan goes on to say.

Ryan also suggests that the challenge of the vote in Congress will fail, but will still do “significant damage to American democracy.”

“Joe Biden’s victory is entirely legitimate,” Ryan said to end his press release.

There are expected to be at least 100 House Republicans that object to certifying the election results, according to CBS News.