The Top-5 Biggest Meltdowns Of 2020

Nikolas Lanum Contributor
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Watch as the Daily Caller recaps our top-five picks for viral videos of people arguing, yelling, crying, or just having a really bad day in 2020.

In one viral video posted to Twitter, a teacher from Oregon yells and curses out her car window at a group of anti-lockdown protesters holding up signs in the street. In another, a woman in Central Park calls the police on a black man after he explains that her dog cannot be in that particular area of the park. (RELATED: Screaming Teacher From Lockdown Protest Viral Video Placed On Leave)

That is only a snippet of some of the viral videos that can be found in the video above. Watch to see what some of the other top viral meltdown videos are from 2020.


Check out these other viral moments from 2020: 

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