‘The 2024 Primary Already Has Started’: Meghan McCain Says The Fight Over 2020 Is ‘All About Politics’

Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Meghan McCain claimed that Republicans are preparing for the 2024 primary through the fight over the results of the 2020 election Tuesday on ABC’s “The View.”

During a segment focused on President Donald Trump’s recent statements regarding Vice President Mike Pence’s role in certifying the Electoral College vote, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked McCain to give her thoughts.

“This is all about politics. Look, the 2024 primary has already started, and as I said yesterday, 72% of Republicans think the election results are false and that it is a fake stolen election, and I think what he’s doing is he’s sitting out there and he’s playing good politics,” McCain said.

“Again, he’s virtue signaling. ‘Look, is Pence with me or against me?’ He knows full well, as Sunny said, that he doesn’t have any actual power to change the vote,” McCain said, attributing the hype surrounding the certification of the vote to the start of the 2024 race. (RELATED: ‘Who Are These People?’: Meghan McCain Defends Trump Voters, Says Media Needs To Be More Respectful)

“What you’re seeing right now is a fracture in the Republican Party between the Josh Hawley-Ted Cruz faction who are virtue signaling to all the Trump supporters who are up for grabs in 2024: ‘I am with you, it’s a stolen election, the left and the Democrats want to take everything out,’” McCain explained.

“Then you have on the right, Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton saying, ‘No, we can’t go against the Constitution, we can’t go against the Electoral College, this is dangerous.’ And it will be fascinating to see where this ultimately lies out,” she continued.

Sen. Hawley and Sen. Cruz are among the group of more than a dozen senators planning to object during the counting of the Electoral College votes in the Senate on Wednesday.

“You have traditionally in the Republican Party a really big tent party of conservatives, and libertarians, and neocons and it’s a really diverse party. And now we’re going to have to add in are you with Trump or against Trump?” McCain suggested.

“My fascination is simply political. What’s going to happen? How strong is Trump’s base going forward moving into the 2024 primary?” McCain concluded.