Chris Cuomo Mocks ‘Bible Boy’ Sen. Marco Rubio


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo mocked Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, referring to him as “Bible boy.”

Cuomo spoke briefly with fellow anchor Don Lemon as the network transitioned Monday from “Cuomo Prime Time” to “CNN Tonight,” complaining about Rubio’s continued willingness to support President Donald Trump. (RELATED: ‘You Deserved Better’: Chris Cuomo Says Biden Should Use Inauguration To Publicly Shame Trump)


“Look, Trump, I believe, will be remembered as the worst. We’ve never seen anybody abuse the office the way he has, not in our lifetime,” Cuomo began, adding, “But the people, those who remain, the Kevin McCarthys, the people in the House —”

“Embarrassing, embarrassing,” Lemon nodded along.

“The people in the Senate who are enabling this, who are complicit in it. The man he called ‘lyin Ted,’ the man he called ‘little Marco,'” Cuomo continued.

“Little Marco,” Lemon repeated. (RELATED: ‘Girl, Bye’: Don Lemon Bashes Kayleigh McEnany For Criticizing Media)

“Bible boy. He’s got a Bible quote for every moment,” Cuomo said of Rubio. “He just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it in the interest of his own state or of this country.”

Cuomo went on to say that anyone supporting Trump as he continued to challenge the outcome of the 2020 presidential election had to be aware that “what they’re doing is bogus.”

“They say they have to do this, Don — because the irregularities demand it,” Cuomo concluded.

“It’s not true,” Lemon replied.