Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With Over 90% Off These Creative Writing Courses

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If you’ve been sitting on a great idea for a mystery novel for years but don’t know where to start, perhaps all you need is a little expert guidance. From how to develop dynamic characters to outlining the plot of a story, writing creatively can often feel like you’re climbing a mountain you’ll never reach the peak of. Even getting started can feel too overwhelming to give it a real go.

If you want to hone in on your creative writing skills, look no further than these fantastic online courses. Created by Centre of Excellence, one of the world’s leading online training providers, this five-course bundle covers a wide range of topics, helping you master different skillsets every successful creative writer ought to have, from broadening your vocabulary to familiarizing yourself with common tropes specific to different genres.

No matter your skill level, The Creative Writing Course Bundle is designed to help you think outside of the box and turn your ideas into well-developed, engaging stories. And with a plethora of hands-on activities and easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll quickly realize that getting your creative juices flowing isn’t as hard as you thought.

In addition to harnessing your creativity into fantasy worlds, interesting characters, and exciting plots, this bundle also covers other facets of creative writing, like what it takes to self-publish your own book. You’ll gain an understanding of what it means to think like a professional writer, creating books that have a chance of landing on bookshelves around the world.

And for those visual creatives out there, there’s an entire course dedicated to showing you how to get your beautiful words to jump off a page with classic calligraphy and stunning signage techniques. It even takes you through the steps to take to become a professional calligrapher.

For a limited time, The Creative Writing Course Bundle is an impressive 95% off, making the entire thing just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.


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