Gov. DeWine Signs ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law For Ohio

Justin Merriman/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a “stand your ground” measure into law Monday, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The signing comes after DeWine told Ohio GOP lawmakers not to send him any gun bills until the lawmakers take up DeWine’s plan he created after the Dayton mass shooting in August 2019, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“I am very disappointed, however, that the legislatur e did not include in this bill the essential provisions that I proposed to make it harder for dangerous criminals to illegally possess and use guns,” DeWine said, according to the Dispatch.

DeWine created a number of gun reforms after the Dayton mass shooting, but the legislature has declined to vote on DeWine’s proposals, The Columbus Dispatch reported. (RELATED: BARR: Ohio Gov. Pushes Gun Control Agenda Again)

However, not everyone was happy with DeWine’s decision to sign the measure.

Democratic Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley voiced her opinion on Twitter after DeWine signed the controversial bill.

“There’s nothing worse than a coward,” Democratic Ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes said about the bill, according to the Dispatch.

Democratic Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko also sounded off on the bill, saying that it would “put Ohioans’ lives at risk,” according to The Columbus Dispatch.