‘Too Much Of Their Product Is Really Dangerous’: Greg Gutfeld Says Democrats Are Just ‘Dumber Republicans’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that an accumulation of Democratic policies would lead to the “decline of civilization.”

Gutfeld said on “The Five” that the Georgia Senate runoff elections, which were entering their final hours, were “tighter than Joe Biden’s life-alert bracelet.” (RELATED: ‘As Modern As A Poodle Skirt’: Greg Gutfeld Disputes Claim That Biden Is First To Have ‘Legitimacy’ Questioned)


“This race is tighter than Joe Biden’s life alert bracelet,” Gutfeld began. “We have been hearing this forever but what Trump is saying if you elect the Democrats, you give them the keys to the car that they are going to drive right off the cliff.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that such statements might sound like hyperbole — especially when coming from someone like President Donald Trump — but that Democratic policies really could add up to serious problems.

“When you think about the accumulation of these policies, whether it’s canceling student debt, defunding the police, decriminalizing the resistance to arrest … When you put all these things together, we are talking about a decline in civilization,” Gutfeld explained.

Noting that Democrats’ boilerplate response, when accused of taking radical positions, was to claim that they were more moderate, Gutfeld continued, “What does it say about a party whose best asset is that they realize too much of their product is really dangerous? I think they should change their motto to the Democratic Party: We are really just dumber Republicans.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that Democrats might play to the center in order to win elections, but then they often lurched dramatically leftward in order to appease activists and media.

“Then when their policies destroy the cities, whether it’s L.A., San Francisco, Seattle or Portland, they say, ‘That’s not us. That’s just the crazy left. Their crazy policies,'” he explained. “No. They are part of your party. You accept those policies. You’ve got to own it and the voters have to start understanding this grift. Here comes the train. Here comes the train.”