‘These Guys Are Just Pawns’: Jesse Watters Says Warnock And Ossoff Are Tools Of A Democrat ‘Power Grab’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Jesse Watters said Tuesday that Democratic Georgia Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were “pawns in the Democrat power grab.”

Watters explained on “The Five” that the Democratic Party was using both candidates to further their goal of a permanent Democratic majority. (RELATED: Jon Ossoff Blows Off Jake Tapper’s Challenge To Claim That Kelly Loeffler ‘Campaigned With A Klansman’)


Cohost Dana Perino said that the Democrats were closing out the last hours of the Georgia Senate runoffs by trying to keep the focus on the fact that $2000 coronavirus stimulus checks had not made it past Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The Republicans are closing on the big picture about the future of the country,” she continued, adding, “If you remember President Trump at the state of the union said America will never be a socialist country. They are really driving that home.”

“It’s a strong closing method for the Republican Party,” Watters replied. “This is what it breaks down to: A weaker America leads to a stronger Democrat Party.” (RELATED: ‘I Think I Get 30 Seconds’: Geraldo Spars With Jesse Watters And Greg Gutfeld On Voter Fraud)

Watters went on to argue that if the Democrats got just enough power, they would suppress free speech, sell out to China and throw out the Electoral College, creating the perfect opportunity for a larger power grab.

“Do you really think that Warnock and Ossoff are Senate material?” Watters asked. “I mean, seriously. These guys are just pawns in the Democrat power grab.”

Watters then referred to Warnock as a “diabolical and dangerous fraud” and Ossoff as a “puppet,” beholden to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, China and Big Tech. “He looks like a high school soccer player,” he added.

Watters concluded by saying that it would all come down to turnout, which generally favors Republicans on Election Day, and whether or not it would outstrip the number of early votes that favored Democrats.