Senate Republicans In Pennsylvania Refuse To Seat Democrat Who Won State Senate Race

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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During their first day back in session, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans refused to acknowledge and seat a Democratic state senator who is facing a contested election over his small margin of victory.

Republicans and Democrats began to have a yelling match Tuesday after Republicans refused to allow Democratic Pennsylvania State Sen. Jim Brewster from Allegheny County after his win was certified by the state but is being contested by his opponent, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

Republicans hold a majority in the Pennsylvania state Senate, occupying 28 of 50 seats, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

As the arguing continued, Democratic Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman made the case for Brewster to be seated, and Senate Republicans then voted to remove Fetterman as the presiding officer.

Brewster’s Republican opponent, Nicole Ziccarelli, is contesting the results of the election, which led to a victory for Brewster by just 69 votes. Ziccarelli is contesting the results, and if successfully overturned it would make her the winner by 24 votes. (RELATED: Republican Candidate For State Legislature Dead From COVID-19 Wins Election)

Republican senators have not indicated how long the review process of Ziccarelli’s election challenge might take before they take a vote on it, or even how long they are willing to leave the seat vacant, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

The election of every other state Senate race, besides Brewster’s, was recognized.