REPORT: Gun Sellers Can’t Keep Up With Demand In Wisconsin

This is not the store from the story. DOMINICK REUTER/AFP via Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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The spike in demand for firearms and ammunition from the coronavirus pandemic has not declined in Wisconsin, according to reports.

Dealers from across the state are having trouble keeping products on the shelves even 10 months after the first COVID-19 cases emerged, according to the Star Tribune.

“This is not a happy time,” Superior Shooters Supply Employee Pat Kukull told the outlet. “Are we clearing out old inventory that’s been here for a while? You bet we are. But for the most part, this is not the way we want to do business.”

Troy Dormady of Moe Hardware Hank and Sporting Goods reportedly has never seen this type of demand while working the past 20 years. “I never thought I’d run out of 30-30 shells ever,” Dormady said, according to the Star Tribune.

Gun sales at Kukull’s store have reportedly risen by as much as 500 percent since the start of the pandemic. (RELATED: Gun Sales In 2020 Are Absolutely Crushing Records)

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking refrigerators or 9mm,” Shooters Sport Center Manager Mike Arts said regarding the ammo shortage, according to Wisconsin Public Radio. “You know, when everybody bought everything that there was, it just takes a while for it to come back.”