Two Women Reportedly Harass Men On Train For Not Wearing Masks While Drinking Coffee

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Ashley StClair

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Two women were caught on video allegedly harassing two men drinking coffee on a train ride for not wearing masks.

The video was shared Tuesday by Ashley St. Clair, a former “brand ambassador” for Turning Point USA, on Twitter. It is unclear which train St. Clair was on or where she was heading at the time. The two men in the video were allegedly not wearing their face masks while they drank coffee.


“I have 70,000 Twitter followers,” one of the women videoing the men reportedly said at the start of the video.

“Wow,” one of the men responded.

“You have 70,000 Twitter followers?” St. Clair said. “That means nothing, you’re still being very rude. These men are just drinking coffee. They’re allowed to have a mask off while they’re drinking.”

“They weren’t wearing masks,” one of the women said.

“Mind your own business,” one of the men responded while an unidentified voice said, “Find another seat.”

“You know what’s safer than a mask? Social distancing,” St. Clair said to the two women standing near the seats occupied by the two men. “That’s more effective than the mask, so why don’t you step back and leave him alone.” (RELATED: Man Charged After Pulling Gun On Walmart Shopper Who Asked Him To Put On Mask)

The train conductor ended up getting involved, as seen in the video.

“Would you like me to call the police?” the conductor can be heard saying during the video. “If you don’t want any police, everybody has to go back to their seat. Just go back to your seat. If not, I will call the police and let the police handle it.”

St. Clair was dropped from her role as a brand ambassador by Turning Point USA in 2019 after photos surfaced of her posing with far-right agitators Nicholas Fuentes and Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, according to the Washington Examiner.