HART: Georgia Senate Races In A State That’s Gone With The Wind

Ron Hart Contributor
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The GOP and Trump bombed so badly in Georgia that the Atlanta Police and the local newspaper are trying to bring in Richard Jewell again for questioning.

Atlanta is a town in a state that has gone downhill badly in the last few years. Many smart and affluent citizens have left the city over high taxes, crime and corrupt government. From Home Depot founders to liberals like Ted Turner, many now call zero-state income tax Florida their home. What is left are takers, not makers, and an increasingly out of control and inept government.

You can travel 1½ hours north of Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which has zero income tax, better schools and gas that’s about 15 cents a gallon cheaper. And you can actually call 9-1-1 there and a weird thing happens: the police come.

Governor Kemp, a RINO, is doing all he can. He was famously about being the first state governor to open up bowling alleys and tattoo parlors; you can even order a White Russian cocktail to go from bars. I like that he seems to be running the state by — and for — the Big Lebowski.

Ironically, churches and AA meetings are banned, yet liquor stores are allowed to be open. If a male can identify as a female in the Atlanta public schools, then a church might want to try to identify as a liquor store in order to stay open.

Atlanta with its liberal mayor tried all forms of confusing lockdowns that did not work.

As in most states, the problem lies with big cities with decades of Democrat rule.  Atlanta has sent more mayors to prison than crack possession offenders.

Oddly, Raphael Warnock got 1.6 million votes in November and 2.2 million in the run-off. Out-of-state money represented about 90% of the Democrats’ donations. Half a billion dollars were spent on Georgia’s Senate race for a job that pays $200,000 per year. And we expect these guys to balance the budget?

And if you question anything about the integrity of the election, you are shouted down by the liberal media and politicians. When it comes to voter fraud, how dare you speak ill of the dead! The GOP had 8,000 poll watchers, beating the record set in 2008 at the Gentlemen’s Gold Club when the Baptist Preachers Convention came to town.

Things have changed in Georgia. Remember, Jon Ossoff is the weasel of a perpetual politician who has run for every office he could for years — and lost. He has run more races in the South than Dale Earnhardt. It is the same with the perplexing, leftist-admired Stacey Abrams. Insiders say that she is expected to make her third run at governor this year and her 98th run at the all-you-can-eat buffet at Golden Corral.