Kylie Jenner Releases New Hand Sanitizer, Immediately Accused Of Making A ‘Profit’ Off COVID-19 Pandemic

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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Reality star and model Kylie Jenner was immediately accused of making a “profit” off the coronavirus pandemic after she released her new  brand of hand sanitizer.

The hand sanitizer was released by Kylie’s skincare line Tuesday and it is being sold for $7.

“My @kylieskin hand sanitizer is here!!” Kylie shared on Twitter.” 80% alcohol, fast drying, and formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness!'” (RELATED: REPORT: Kylie Jenner Wants People To Stop Talking About How Much Money She Has Following Forbes’ Latest Report)

“‘Kylie Skin Hand Sanitizer is here!” Kris Jenner also shared on Twitter. “So many incredible benefits in this product.”

Kylie was immediately hit with responses of criticism to her tweet as she was accused of making a “profit” off the pandemic.

“Wow making a buck off covid,” one Twitter user tweeted in response. “Low.”

“Kylie really made kylie skin hand sanitizer…………. like ? Let’s profit off a pandemic,” another user tweeted.

Look, Kylie is just trying to find a way to get her bag. So many companies pivoted to making things needed during this pandemic, so why are we criticizing Kylie? The only thing I would criticize is the fact that it took her so long to make the switch. Honestly, I’d check it out. I’ve heard great things about her skincare line.