Start Your Charcoal Grill In Mere Minutes With The Revolutionary GrillGun

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Summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still fire up the outdoor grill from time to time. But instead of messing with various lighting methods — like a dangerous lighter fluid — this innovative device, known as the GrillGun, can heat things up in mere minutes, safely and efficiently.

Whether it’s an outdoor charcoal grill or your backyard fire pit, getting a sufficient flame can take quite a while. But if you don’t have time to waste waiting around for serious heat, lighting things up with the GrillGun is undoubtedly your best bet. That’s because his high-powered propane torch packs a serious punch, allowing you to light things like coal-burning grills or ovens so fast, you can start using them just a few minutes after you light them.

But the GrillGun does more than brilliantly start a fire. It can also be used as a real-deal searing tool, allowing you to expertly prepare mouth-watering cuts of meat, just like they do at the steakhouse. When you use its longer barrel and tighter flame, you can also fire up creme brulees, light smaller charcoal grills, and more.

If you’ve never been one to play with fire, don’t let the GrillGun’s power intimidate you. It’s incredibly easy and safe you use, and even comes with a convenient bottle stand that lets you prop it up while it’s attached to a propane bottle.

Featured on BBQ Pit Boys, Sous Vide Everything, Build Dad Build, and countless publications, the GrillGun, which came out with a bang on Kickstarter, is changing the way people fire up the grill. Just read some of the tool’s awesome online reviews and see for yourself!

“This guns is amazing!!! Every man and woman that likes fire should own one!”

“I was told it burns propane, but I’m pretty sure it actually runs on testosterone!”

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