REPORT: Border Crossings Skyrocketed After Biden Win

Tom Williams/Pool via REUTERS

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Rates of migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border have reportedly skyrocketed since President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said that arrivals at the border are reaching unprecedented highs, according to the New York Post.

“We’re already seeing the negative impacts of the proposed policy changes,” Morgan reportedly said. “Cartels and human smugglers are spreading the perception that our borders will be open. In this case, they’re correct. They’re right — it’s not just the perception.” (RELATED: How Will The Incoming Biden Administration Approach Immigration Policies? Here’s What 2 Experts Say)

Morgan reportedly said that despite the rising levels of arrivals, he was pleased by Biden’s decision to hold off on rolling back Trump’s asylum restrictions.

The Biden team has reportedly been in contact with Morgan regarding new border policies.

“We’re hoping that the dialogue is going to continue. We’re hoping that — as this administration has done — that they’re actually going to listen to the experts that are on the ground, they’re going to listen to the facts, they’re going to listen to reality,” Morgan said, The New York Post reported.