REPORT: Woman Shot In Capitol Building Dead

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public User: TaylerUSA]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The young woman who was shot Wednesday inside the Capitol Building has died, NBC News reported.

Tayler Hansen claimed in a tweet that a woman who was right beside him in the Capitol Building was hit through the neck. Video footage shows a group of men surround the woman, who is wearing what appears to be a pro-Trump flag, before trying to lift her up.

Blood can be seen pouring out of her neck as the woman appears to lose consciousness. Bystanders are seen holding pressure to the wound. It is unclear who shot her. (RELATED: Police Draw Weapons As Pro-Trump Rioters Break Down Glass Door Of Capitol Building, Brawl With Officers)

MSNBC video footage showed a woman being wheeled out of the Capitol on a stretcher covered in blood and surrounded by officers. Paramedics can be seen applying pressure to a neck wound as blood continues to pour out.

Caleb Hull claimed that the woman seen in the MSNBC video is the same woman in Hansen’s video.

NBC News reported that multiple law enforcement officials say the woman has died.

Hundreds of rioters broke through multiple layers of fencing and stormed the Capitol Building as officers tried to quell the riots.

What started off as a march to protest the election results quickly turned violent, with rioters smashing through glass doors at the Capitol Building and swarming the chambers.

Video posted to Twitter showed rioters entering the building before brawling with police officers.

Minutes before the breach occurred, Politico reporter Melanie Zanona tweeted that the Madison building was evacuated and the Capitol was put into complete lockdown. Gas masks were given out to those on the House floor.