Here’s A Look At What Happened Inside The Capitol

(Daily Caller/Screenshot)

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Chief video director Richie McGinniss followed rioters into the Capitol today to witness the chaos that ensued in one of D.C’s most historic buildings.

“I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing through my gas mask. It was a surreal experience seeing such chaos inside the walls of one of our nation’s most sacred pillars of democracy,” McGinniss said. 

McGinniss climbed up on an elevated surface to get a bird’s eye view of the riot, but jumped down when he saw rioters breaking into the building.

McGinniss told the Daily Caller he didn’t think there was a strong enough police presence to stop the rioters from breaking into the Capital. (RELATED: GOP Congressman: ‘This Is A Coup Attempt’)

“The police were overwhelmed by the sheer number of rioters,” McGinniss said.

McGinnis followed rioters into the Capitol Rotunda, and proceeded deeper into the Capitol. Tune into the video to find out where the protesters went as they ran through Congress.


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