‘The Constitution Controls, Not The Mob’: Lindsey Graham Calls For Capitol Riot Task Force To ‘Identify Every Person’

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called for the formation of a “joint task force” Thursday to “identify every person” who took part in the Capitol riot Wednesday.

A mob of supporters for President Donald Trump breached the Capitol on Wednesday in an attempt to stop the Congressional certification for President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. The riot resulted in the deaths of 4 individuals, including Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, who was shot while trying to break into the House Chamber, according to Capitol Police.

“I’m calling for a joint task force to be assembled and spend all the time and money necessary to identify every person who breached the security of the Capitol, who occupied the chambers, who invaded offices and destroyed property,” Graham said during a Thursday press conference.

“The people sitting in the chairs need to be sitting in a jail cell,” he added. “The people who attacked the Capitol Hill police need to be charged with attacking a police officer. Sedition may be a charge for some of these people.”


Graham then vowed for the next six years to ask the Department of Justice every week for a progress report on identifying every “domestic terrorist,” offering to provide any resources necessary for an investigation.

“This is a moment for the nation to show will and determination, to be a nation of laws — that anarchy shall not reign,” he concluded. ‘The constitution controls, not the mob.” (RELATED: Capitol Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Woman Placed On Leave, Under Investigation)

A total of 68 arrests were made between Wednesday night and Thursday morning for involvement in the riot. Police reported five of the arrests were for possessing illegal firearms.