Trump Has ‘Lost All Legitimacy’: Bob Corker Fears Impeachment Could Make Trump Stronger


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker said Friday that President Donald Trump had “lost all legitimacy,” but cautioned those who were pushing to impeach him again.

Corker told CNN anchor Jake Tapper that his concern was that Trump could come back in 2024 and another impeachment — whether it was successful or not — would make Trump the victim again. (RELATED: ‘Clear Acts Of Sedition And Violence And Terrorism’: Jake Tapper Blasts Trump Statement During Riots)


“‘A time for healing and unity,’ says the president who incited a mob to attack the Capitol,” Tapper began as he introduced Corker, asking whether he thought Trump should be removed from office — and how it should be done.

“So look, Jake, he has lost all legitimacy and not only will I be anxious to see him leave the White House, but I don’t want to ever see him come back,” Corker replied, adding, “The thing about an impeachment is that he becomes a victim again and whether he ends up trying to run again in ‘24 and let’s say that impeachment is not successful, which I don’t recommend. All you are doing is to strengthening him with the people who support him.”

Corker went on to say that he would prefer that Trump resign, but if he refused, the best course of action would be simply to wait out the remaining 12 days of his term. “Let’s don’t do anything to cause him to rise in strength, if you will, with the base that so strongly supports him right now,” he added. (RELATED: Trump Attacks Flake And Corker, Predicts Flake Will ‘Probably Go To Work For CNN’)

Corker then said that there was no doubt in his mind that Trump had fomented the riots that took over Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, adding, “There is no question that because of his actions, and others who were accomplices, people have died. There is no doubt. And certainly, there is a lot of blame to go around for what has happened which is obviously been devastating to our country.”