Dickinson Mayoral Election Decided By Pulling Name Out Of Hat After Runoff Resulted In Tie

[Facebook/Screenshot/City of Dickinson, Texas]

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Dickinson, Texas has a new mayor – that was picked by a draw from a hat.

Dickinson Mayor-elect Sean Skipworth and opponent Jennifer Lawrence had spent the past year vying for the spot. While the race was supposed to take place in May, it was pushed to November due to COVID-19. Neither candidate won at least 50% of the vote, which triggered a runoff election, ABC 13.

But when results from the runoff came back, the candidates were speechless. (RELATED: ‘No One Flinched’: Four Texas Congressmen Stayed With The Police To Defend The Chamber, Congressman Says)

“How often does something like this happen? It’s really been unique,” Lawrence said, according to ABC 13. “[It] turned into a dead tie of 1,010 votes to 1,010 votes, which adds up to 2020. We’re all going ‘What the heck?'”

Dickinson didn’t have a plan for a tie breaker, and arm wrestling was even considered as a method to break the tie, according to KHOU.

The city ended up writing both Lawrence and Skipworth’s name on two ping pong balls before dropping them into a black top hat, according to the City of Dickinson’s Facebook post.

“And just like that, we have a new Mayor,” the town said shortly after the 7:00 p.m. name drawing. “Congratulations Sean Skipworth.”

Lawrence was quick to accept defeat, according to Skipworth, who said, “She was very gracious tonight both before and after the drawing. That spirit is what our city and our country needs right now.”

Skipworth will be sworn in on January 12, according to the City of Dickinson social media account.