‘Donald Trump’s Fluffer’: MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes Gives Lindsey Graham A Pornographic Label

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes gave Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham a pornographic label during Friday’s broadcast of “The ReidOut.”

Sykes joined host Joy Reid and fellow contributor Dr. Jason Johnson to discuss the fact that Graham was harassed at an airport by President Donald Trump’s supporters — some of whom felt that he had turned on them when he dropped his objections to the Electoral College vote count. (RELATED: Joy Reid Calls Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ During Election Night Commentary)


“The reality is, Charlie, the only person who can do the Trump act is Trump,” Reid began. “He has a whole life of celebrity backing that up … None of these people are going to be seen as the equivalent of macho Trump.”

“That’s right. That’s what made Josh Hawley a phony. He wanted to dress up as Trump and thought there was going to be Trumpism without Trump,” Sykes said, going on to mention Graham’s recent airport confrontation.

“I’m glad that Jason mentioned that scene, that remarkable scene, where Lindsey Graham who has been — he’s been Donald Trump’s fluffer for four years. He’s been so loyal,” Sykes added, prompting Johnson to burst out laughing. “He’s done absolutely everything. He’s walking through the airport and people are saying you’re a traitor.”

“This is the fate. You can never be Trump. You can never go back,” Sykes concluded, naming Hawley and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, claiming that they had been willing to lie to millions of Americans and their future was to never be the next Trump.

“They were willing to let people die,” Reid added. “They were willing to ket people kill a police officer.”