‘I Went To The Shooting Range Yesterday’: Manchin Says People Shouldn’t Be ‘Scared To Death’ Of Democrats Taking Guns

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Sunday that the American people shouldn’t be “scared to death” that Democrats would take away their guns.

Manchin spoke with CNN anchor Jake Tapper about a wide range of topics, rounding out the interview with a few questions about policy in the wake of news that the balance of power in the Senate will rest with the Democratic Party. (RELATED: ‘Defund, My Butt!’: Joe Manchin Says He Won’t Defund Police, Pack The Court Or Nuke Filibuster)


Tapper concluded Sunday’s interview with a series of rapid fire policy questions, asking Manchin first about whether he might support statehood for either the nation’s capital or Puerto Rico. To that, Manchin said that he needed to see more evidence. (RELATED: ‘Clear Acts Of Sedition And Violence And Terrorism’: Jake Tapper Blasts Trump Statement During Riots)

Tapper then pivoted to gun control, an issue that both President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris touted as a priority on the campaign trail.

“What about a ban on some forms of semiautomatic weapons?” Tapper asked.

“Oh, Jake. There has to be responsibility in gun ownership, I’m not going to eliminate people having their guns,” Manchin replied, adding that he didn’t think the American people should be “scared to death of Democrats on their Second Amendment taking their guns away.”

“I went to the shooting range yesterday so I can practice in again, just to get back in shape,” Manchin continued, adding, “We’re not going to take guns away, but there should be things people should not have in their hands.”