Joe Scarborough Says Trump Supporters Found A New Religion In Conspiracy Theories


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed Monday that President Donald Trump’s supporters had “put down their Bibles” and embraced a new religion rooted in conspiracy theories.

Scarborough lashed out at the media outlets and social media platforms that had amplified Trump’s voice, arguing that they shared in the responsibility for allowing “these conspiracy theories to spread, to spread like weeds.” (RELATED: ‘Why Do You Want To Spread Violence?’: Joe Scarborough Lashes Out At Rand Paul In Angry Rant)


“He has been been begging supporters to engage in violence against the media. And here we see them engaging in violence against the media,” Scarborough said as he showed a clip of rioters attacking members of the media at the Capitol. “Like Donald Trump has been asking them to do for five years. Engaging in violence against his political opponents.”

Scarborough went on to argue that the people in charge of media companies and social media platforms should have seen it coming and done something to prevent Trump’s rise or curtail his influence.

“This is what every tech company, this is what Facebook should have known was going to happen. This is on them. This is what Twitter should have known was going to happen. This is on them. This is on every media company that has promoted his hate speech. Every media company, new media company that has pushed every tweet out to 60 million people,” Scarborough continued, acknowledging his own role as a part of the media. “It’s on all of us. It’s on all of us. But it’s especially on Facebook, Twitter, now Parler and all of those companies that allowed these conspiracy theories to spread, to spread like weeds.”

“Like a vicious cancer,” Mika Brzezinski added, and Scarborough agreed.

Scarborough then argued that the major problem was the number of people who were getting all of their news from social media platforms and cable news channels that were “spreading the lies.”

“That is their reality. They’ve put down their Bibles, right? They don’t read their Bibles anymore. They now read Facebook. They don’t worship Jesus Christ anymore. You can tell by their actions. Jesus said judge a tree by its fruits,” Scarborough said. “They worship Donald Trump. And their Bible is now what they read in the conspiracy theories on Facebook and on Twitter.”

Scarborough concluded by once again turning his ire toward social media platforms, saying that people had “begged” them to put a muzzle on Trump and they had failed to do so.

“This is what happened. This is what happened, Mark Zuckerberg. This is what happened, Sheryl Sandberg. I hope it was worth it. I hope your billions were worth it,” he said. “Jack, I hope wherever you’re, like, crossing your legs and doing yoga and taking an ice bath or a mud bath, I hope it was worth it.”