‘The Stranger’ On Netflix Is A Very Interesting Mystery Show

(Credit: Netflix)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I’ve dived into “The Stranger” on Netflix, and it’s very solid.

As many of you know, I’ve been cruising through different series and movies ever since coronavirus started, and “The Stranger” was the latest one recommended to me. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

I’m only a few episodes in, and I’m already hooked. The plot revolved around a mysterious woman who appears at the start of every episode to interact with a new target.

With every contact she makes, she reveals a dark secret somebody in the target’s orbit has been hiding. One person’s wife faked a pregnancy, might have gotten pregnant by somebody other than her husband, a woman is on a sugar daddy sight, one man has a secret child and the list goes on.

Somehow, this woman, who is played by low key smoke Hannah John-Kamen, is able to gain all this information and leverage it over people for cash payments.


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There are also a few side plots. Most notably, there’s a killer in the mix who seems to be hunting for his own info, and there are a few high school students who might have played a role incapacitating one of their friends and hospitalizing him.

To be totally clear, I’m not really sure what’s going on there. I’m not sure we’re even supposed to know just yet.

What I do know is that the main husband, Adam, seems to be in the midst of uncovering a deep and sinister mystery.


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So, is this unidentified woman a hero or a villain? No clue! It seems like she’s trying to help people see the truth, but I think we all know it can’t be that simple.


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If you’re looking for a solid mystery that will grab you and not let you go, I recommend giving “The Stranger” a shot on Netflix.