‘Bachelor’ Contestant Sarah Trott Almost Passes Out Mid-Rose Ceremony

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Bachelor Nation ABC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxv4LZLmGck)

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“Bachelor” contestant Sarah Trott almost passed out during Monday night’s rose ceremony.

Medics were called onto the “Bachelor” set after Sarah stumbled and almost collapsed, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

“I’m, like, seeing stars,” Sarah told lead Matt James after he noticed and stopped the rose ceremony to check on her. (RELATED: ‘Used Condom’ Found In Tree During ‘Bachelor’ Filming)

“She’s going to pass out,” another “Bachelor” contestant said while this was happening, the outlet reported.

“I’m blacking out,” Sarah said. “I can’t see.”

It’s unclear what happened next after the episode ended with a “To Be Continued” moment, but Sarah was shown in the preview for next week. All we know is that she seemed to be doing better, but she did have some tears flowing, according to Yahoo!

I would be so embarrassed if I almost collapsed on national television, but it’s also something that would definitely happen to me. She probably was just tired or locked her knees while standing still for a long time. I learned at a fairly young again that you can’t do that.

Sarah seems like she’s going to be a leader in the contestant field. She had already received a rose earlier in the episode, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.