Ilhan Omar: Impeaching Trump Like Needing To ‘Hold A Murderer’ Accountable

(MSNBC screengrab)

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Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar compared efforts to impeach President Donald Trump to the need to “hold a murderer” accountable during a Tuesday morning appearance on “MSNBC Live.”

Trump has come under fire from Democrats and some Republicans for what some consider inciting and failing to adequately respond to last Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Anchor Hallie Jackson played a Tuesday clip of Trump calling the latest impeachment push a “continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics” before asking Omar for her thoughts.


“Is that a valid argument,” Jackson asked.

“It is not,” Omar responded. “And, you know, I know that some have likened the reaction that we are getting, obviously, from the President and some of, you know, Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, to someone saying, you know, if we were to hold a murderer or someone who has committed violence accountable, there will be more.”

Omar contended that having “consequences” for such actions will “act as a deterrent,” then dismissed an analogy made Sunday by Republican Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt:

“We know that some have said he’s learned his lesson. Some have also used childlike analogies to talk about he has put his hand on a stove and he is now burned and he won’t do it again, but this is not just about him,” she said. “This is about fulfilling our oath of office.”

“And if we do not take that serious, I don’t know how we can continue to be members of Congress and say that we are to protect our country from domestic enemies,” Omar concluded. (RELATED: Bill O’Reilly Says Trump ‘Destroyed His Legacy,’ Lost ‘All Perspective And Personal Discipline’)

The House is scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to send impeachment articles to the Senate.