‘Loathsome Lizard Of A Human Being’: Donny Deutsch Slams ‘Fully Castrated’ President Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Tuesday that President Donald Trump was finished as a brand, referring to him as a “loathsome lizard of a human being.”

Deutsch joined host Nicolle Wallace on “Deadline White House” to discuss where Trump and the rest of his family might go after he leaves the presidency. (RELATED: ‘How Dare You!’: Donny Deutsch Lectures Jewish Trump Supporters, Says There’s ‘No Difference’ From What Hitler Preached)


Deutsch began by saying that if the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick was refusing to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump, it was clear that his brand was damaged.

“His brand is destroyed forever. You cannot do business without any type of partners, whether it’s TV business and you have platforms, whether it’s real estate business and you loan money, it’s no different than Bin Laden, you’re not going to do business with Bin Laden,” Deutsch said. “When you think about the logo of Trump’s business at this point, it’s those people storming the capitol. When you think about the spokesperson from that brand, it’s the people in the horns, the people in the painted face and those villainous critters that we saw there. Donald Trump’s business is over.”

Deutsch went on to say that he didn’t believe there would ever be another property that bore the Trump name.

“It can’t exist. The powers that be, he is fully castrated at this point. He destroyed his business for himself and his family,” he said. “It’s about insurrection against our country.”

Saying that it was going to be “fun” for Trump’s haters to watch, Deutsch declared that the president would have no future in business of any kind.

“It is over, and that is even before the feds get a hold of him. It’s going to be enjoyable to watch this loathsome lizard of a human being go down the drain.”