‘Cancel Culture Will Come For Us All’: Jim Jordan Blasts Democrats During Impeachment Speech

(Photo by congress.gov via Getty Images)

Daniel Baldwin Contributor
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Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Democrats during impeachment proceedings Wednesday, asserting they want to “cancel the president,” according to The Hill.

“We should be focused on bringing the nation together,” Jordan can be heard saying in the video. “Instead, Democrats are going to impeach the president a second time one week before he leaves office. Why? Politics and the fact that they want to cancel the president.”

Jordan continued, claiming Democrats have “an obsession” with President Donald Trump. “It’s not just about impeachment anymore,” Jordan said. “It’s about canceling as I’ve said. Canceling the president and anyone who disagrees with them.”

Jordan warned that if this “attack on the First Amendment” did not stop, “cancel culture will come for us all.”

“It needs to stop because if it continues it won’t just be Republicans who get canceled, it won’t just be the President of the United States,” Jordan said. “The cancel culture will come for us all.”

A number of Big Tech companies removed the social media platform Parler, citing its failure to remove content that allegedly incited violence, according to CBS News. Google Play was the first to remove the app from its app store. Apple yanked Parler from its own app store, saying the popular alternative to Twitter was not doing enough to monitor speech. (RELATED: Parler Files Lawsuit Against Amazon)

The surge followed Twitter purging conservative accounts — including the president himself — after pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol building, postponing the Electoral College certification and forcing members of Congress to evacuate the building. Twitter claims it has removed over 70,000 accounts from its platform for posting “harmful QAnon-associated content.” A number of conservative Twitter accounts have noted their own loss of followers, in some cases upwards of 50,000. (RELATED: Twitter Stock Plummets After Banning President Trump, Purging Conservative Accounts)

House Democrats introduced at least one article of impeachment against Trump Monday morning. The House impeachment resolution charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection.”

But Jordan concluded his speech by urging Congress to “come together.”