Enjoy Lattes, Cappuccinos, And More At Home With This High-End Espresso Machine!

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Missing the days of sitting in your favorite coffee shop? Sure, those places are fun to hang out in but if you consider how much you spend every month on regular visits there, you may change your tune. According to a recent report, both men and women spend somewhere around $2,000 bucks a year on coffee, more or less. Wouldn’t you rather be putting your hard-earned cash somewhere else?

If you’re still craving your favorite piping hot coffee shop brews, some good news is on the way. You can enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and smooth cups of espresso from the comfort of your own home thanks to this premium Prestige Espresso Machine by Sirena®. Capable of whipping up a mouth-watering double espresso in just 90 seconds thanks to its 15-bar pressure system, you can easily manage to squeeze in your caffeine fix every day no matter how busy your schedule is.

But unlike other home espresso machines out there, this impressive gizmo features a twin brewing system with an accompanying frother, allowing you to enjoy velvety, vibrant beverages at a moment’s notice. That means, instead of waiting in long lines at your local coffee spot, you can sip on professional-grade lattés, mistos, and more while you’re still wearing your pajamas.

The Sirena® Prestige Espresso Machine also boasts a smart cup warmer, ensuring your coffee stays at just the right temperature, never compromising its flavor as you sip. And thanks to its convenient non-drip tray and overflow protection, you’ll never have to worry about wiping messes off your countertop.

Suddenly have a craving for a piping-hot cup of cappuccino? You’re in luck because, for a limited time, the Sirena® Prestige Espresso Machine is just $139 (reg. $289) when you use the code ESPRESSO150 at check-out!

Prices subject to change.


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