Republican Rep. Nancy Mace Quotes MLK Before Voting On Impeachment

Getty Images, Michael Ciaglo

Adam Burnett Contributor
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In her freshman speech on the House floor, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. to argue against the Democrats’ impeachment effort, claiming that it was only further dividing the country. 

“Today I’m asking my colleagues to remember the words of the legendary, the great leader of this country Dr. Martin Luther King,” said Mace during the hours-long debate over whether or not to vote to impeach President Trump. “The time is always right, to do what is right.” 

Mace condemned the violence that happened last Wednesday in the Capitol, saying she holds President Trump “accountable” for the rioting that took place. However, she would not support impeaching the president, calling the process “rushed.”(RELATED: Here Are The Republicans Supporting Trump’s Impeachment)

“What we are doing today, rushing this impeachment in an hour or two hour-long debate on the floor of this chamber … poses great questions about the constitutionality of this process,” Rep. Mace said, then urging her fellow representatives to acknowledge the violence that has swept the country for the past nine months. 

Mace has not been silent about her criticism of President Trump in recent days, saying in a statement to Politico following the Capitol Riots that his legacy was “wiped out” and that the Republican party needed to rebuild without him. (RELATED: GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Will Vote To Impeach President Trump, Joining Cheney, Katko)