Supreme Court Overturns Manslaughter Conviction Of NFL Player Will Smith’s Killer

(Photo by Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images)

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The Supreme Court overturned Cardell Hayes’ manslaughter conviction in the murder of former NFL player Will Smith on Monday.

The Supreme Court based its decision on the Ramos v. Louisiana case, which found non-unanimous verdicts to be unconstitutional, according to People magazine.

“In accordance with the United States Supreme Court ruling in Ramos v. Louisiana, which struck down Louisiana’s Jim Crow-era non-unanimous jury law, today the U.S. Supreme Court remanded two cases to lower courts for new trial,” Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams said in a statement, according to People magazine. (RELATED: Former NFL Player Reche Caldwell Shot And Killed In Tampa)

“Both of those cases — one well known, and one relatively unknown to the public — will receive thorough review and a decision in the coming weeks on the best way to proceed under the law to deliver justice,” Williams added, the outlet reported.

Hayes was convicted of manslaughter in a 10-2 vote, the outlet reported. He was also found guilty of attempted manslaughter of Smith’s wife, Raquel Smith. Hayes was found not guilty of aggravated criminal damage to property at the time, People reported.

Hayes had been accused of shooting Smith in April of 2016 after Hayes rear-ended the Smith’s vehicle.