Lady Gaga’s Makeup Brand Deletes ‘Triggering Ad’ Reportedly Resembling Self-Harm

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Lady Gaga’s makeup brand deleted a “triggering ad” for its new eyeliner after some reportedly saw a resemblance between it and self-harm.

The 34-year-old pop singer’s brand, Haus Laboratories, took down the ad five hours after the initial post appeared. The ad showed the new liner make what looked like slash marks across a model’s arm close to the wrist, according to the “Today” show in a piece published Wednesday. (RELATED: ‘You Be Bad A** With It Now’: Lady Gaga Gives One Fan An Unbelievable Gift)

A snap from the since-deleted Instagram ad can be seen here.

In the comments section of the post, followers started complaining and talked about how upsetting the ad was, according to the report.  (RELATED: Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her ‘Dreams And Hopes’ And Whether Those Involve Marriage And Kids)

“This brought back some bad memories for several people, including me,” one follower wrote, according to the “Today” show. “Maybe reconsider location next time?”

“I understand what they were trying to do, but this threw me into memories of (self-harm) and I really can’t deal with that,” another added. “I love the products but this was a bit scary for me.”

“That’s really triggering to me (to be honest),” wrote a third person.”Maybe you should reconsider how you want to present this… I’ve been through a lot and this really brings me back to when I was self-harming, and I’m only a year and a half clean.”


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Another follower noted that it was an odd place to show how an eyeliner works, again “triggering” some over its similarity to self-harm.

“This was kind of creepy to watch… Might be triggering for some people,” one person wrote. “Why did you have to use it on the inside of the wrist?”

“I feel like there was a better method for showing off eyeliner than slashing it across someone’s wrist,” added another person, according to the report.

After the ad was taken down, a new one showing a model wearing eye makeup replaced it, according to the report.

The piece noted that the outlet reached out to both Haus Laboratories and the “Poker Face” hitmaker and had yet to get a response.