Rep. Tom McClintock Takes Shot At Gavin Newsom During Impeachment Debate

Kyle Heckman Contributor
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California Congressman Republican Tom McClintock argued Wednesday against the impeachment of President Donald Trump while wearing a mask with a message about California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

The mask worn by the congressman read, “This mask is as useless as our governor.” While McClintock was following COVID-19 rules by wearing a mask while on the U.S. House floor, he has been a staunch critic of Newsom and his handling of the pandemic, The SF Gate reported.

McClintock compared, in December, restrictions implemented by Newsom to the “mass hysteria” of the Salem witch trials, French revolution, and the Red Scare of the 1950s, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“All mass hysterias are driven by blind fear fanned by politicians and charlatans who see opportunity in them,” McClintock said. “We have sadly learned that such fear can cause a free people to abandon their legacy of freedom and independence, their prosperity and their common sense. But only for awhile.” (RELATED: Recall Newsom Campaign Grows Stronger Because Of Coronavirus Lockdowns, Organizers Say)

He then noted that historically, these moments are usually followed by a significant turning point. “Every time in history that this has happened, there’s always a moment when the fear fever breaks, and the hysteria suddenly burns itself out,” reports the Sacramento Bee.

McClintock did not comment if recent reactions to COVID-19 policies and guidelines would trigger any turning point, but noted that, “every shopkeeper who defies these petty tyrants, every parent who confronts their school officials, every person who refuses to submit to this dysfunctional, dystopian world created by the lockdown left brings us one step closer to that turning point. It can’t come soon enough.”

The California congressman critcized Newsom in November for breaking his own guidelines after he was seen attending a birthday party at a French restaurant with several friends in Napa Valley. The Governor later apologized for attending, reports the Sacramento Bee.