Former ‘Survivor’ Contestant Angie Jakusz Dies At 40

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot klassicalmuzik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IevMwlVHM9s)

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Former “Survivor” contestant Angie Jakusz has died.

Jakusz passed away Jan. 8, according to an obituary, Fox News reported Thursday. The cause of death has not been given, but Jakusz had been diagnosed with a rare form of squamous cell colorectal cancer three years ago, according to a “Survivor” fan blog called Surviving Tribal.

“Angie was an incredibly passionate person with an extraordinary lust for life,” Jakusz’s obituary said. “Whether she was sewing, painting, drawing, doing nail art or makeup, costuming, reading, snorkeling, scuba diving, traveling or just raising hell, she did it lovingly and with laser precision.” (RELATED: New Jersey Cop Wins $2 Million Prize On ‘Survivor: Winners At War’)

Jakusz was a contestant on season 10 of the hit reality TV show that aired in 2005. She was a member of the Ulong tribe and was voted off the island on her 12th day in the competition.

She is survived by her husband of nine years, Steven Calandra, plus her parents, her brother, a niece and a nephew.