REPORT: Nearly 300 Bricks Of Cocaine Snagged In Routine Baggage Check From US Virgin Islands

Sky Gilbar/AFP via Getty Images

Matthew Brooks Contributor
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Nearly 300 bricks of cocaine were reportedly seized and 6 people were allegedly arrested following a routine baggage check in Florida.

Customs and Border Protection officers found 294 bricks of cocaine during an x-ray baggage inspection on a charter flight coming from the US Virgin Islands, the Miami Herald reports.

The named passengers on the private charter flight to Opa-Locka Airport in Florida are Roystin David, Shakim Mike, Teshawn Adams, and Maleek Leanard. Both Shakim Mike and Teshawn Adams are police officers for the Virgin Islands Police Department and have been on the force since 2016, according to authorities. (RELATED: ‘Good Samaritan’ Turns Over 71 Pounds Of Cocaine He Found On The Beach)

“I denounce any engagement in criminal activities, specifically by law enforcement officers,” Police Commissioner Trevor Velinor said at a news conference shown on the department’s Facebook page.

Shakim Mike fled the airport as the cocaine was discovered but was later arrested.

During questioning, Adams admitted that he arranged to smuggle the cocaine on a private charter flight from Saint Thomas. He also admitted that an associate, Trayvon Adams, was going to pick the passenger up and take them to Orlando, according to a complaint filed by Homeland Security Investigations.

Leanard also told Customs officers that he had agreed to help transport the cocaine.

In a “controlled” call between Adams and Mike, a Customs officer asked Mike to voluntarily surrender, which he did.

During his interview, Mike admitted he helped pack the cocaine for the flight and that three of the bags were his.

Investigators also uncovered that another suspect, Anthon Berkeley, was going to pick up a kilo of the cocaine from the plane shipment and deliver it to a buyer in Orlando.

Berkeley, along with the 5 others, will have hearings that start later this month.