‘How Dare They?’: Sunny Hostin Slams Those Who ‘Enabled’ Trump For Daring To Quote MLK


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin lashed out Monday at those who had “enabled” President Donald Trump and who then had the audacity to publicly honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Hostin claimed on ABC’s “The View” that unity could only come after truth, arguing that those who had enabled Trump had caused the January 6 riot at the Capitol, “this insurrection and attack on our democracy.” (RELATED: ‘We Need To Remember’: Sunny Hostin Doubles Down On Blacklisting Trump Allies)


“Dr. King in 1967 again said, you know, ‘There has been some progress, but we must not allow this progress to cause us to engage in a superficial, dangerous optimism,'” Hostin began, suggesting that electing the first Black female Vice President, Kamala Harris, had caused people to become complacent despite there being more work to do.

“We saw such promise, and then on January 6th we see that white supremacy is very much so alive and well,” Hostin continued. She went on to say that in order to pursue unity as a nation, Americans would have to pursue truth first.

“I saw today, unbelievably, in my view, Ted Cruz, Kayleigh McEnany, Ronna McDaniel, Melania Trump quoting Dr. King, tweeting Dr. King. Those are the same people that were, like Melania Trump with this birther lie, Ted Cruz challenging the Electoral College, you know, Kayleigh McEnany, just over and over again with her propaganda,” Hostin added.

“How dare they, how dare they try to quote Dr. King on the celebration of his birthday when they enabled, enabled a racist president causing this insurrection and attack on our democracy?” Hostin asked, concluding that some progress had been made but that there was still “such a long way to go.”