Tom Brady’s Post-Game Touchdown Pass To Drew Brees’ Son Goes Viral

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot JamesPalmerTV https://twitter.com/JamesPalmerTV/status/1351017125444546568)

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A video of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady throwing a post-game touchdown pass to Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ son went viral Sunday.

The touching moment was shared by NFL Network correspondent James Palmer on Twitter.


“As Tom Brady and Drew Brees hug and say goodbye after a long talk on the field, Brady throws a touchdown pass to Brees’ son,” Palmer tweeted along with the video. “One walks off to play in the NFC championship, the other stays to play with his kids.” (RELATED: REPORT: New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Will Retire At End Of The Season)

The video had racked up nine million views at the time this article was published.

It’s not surprising to me that this video is going viral. There have been reports that Brees is retiring at the end of the season making Sunday night’s loss to the Buccaneers potentially his final game.

The moment on the field with Brady takes on a whole new meaning if that is true.