REPORT: Thief Threatens To Call Cops On Mother Who Left Child Unattended — In The Car He Stole

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Matthew Wearp Contributor
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A man who stole a car from the parking lot of a grocery store in Oregon returned after finding a child in the back seat to berate the mother for leaving her child in the car alone, according to CNN.

The thief reportedly returned after finding a 4-year-old child unattended in the car and yelled at the mother, even threatening to call the police. He then dropped the child off and proceeded to make his getaway in the stolen vehicle, Beaverton Officer Matt Henderson told CNN.

“He hopped in the car, drove it, realized there was a 4-year-old inside, and drove back and ordered her to take the child out of the car and then drove away again,” said Henderson. “We’re thankful he had the decency to bring the little one back.” (RELATED: ‘Kill All Cops’: Rioters Deface Vacaville City Hall And Police Headquarters)

Crystal Leary left her son in the still-running car in order to purchase a few items from the local meat market in Beaverton, Oregon, planning to spend only a few moments inside, local police told KTPV.

“What she did was not a crime. She was within sight and sound of her child,” Henderson told Oregon Live. “But she left the car running, so take that extra step, take the keys with you. It’s a good reminder to take extra precaution when we have our little ones with us.”

“As moms, we get really busy and we think we’re just running in for a second and this is just a perfect example of just letting our guards down and how terrible it could have ended,” Leary told KPTV. “I am thankful that he is okay. It was so stupid and I’ll never do that again, but it’s that split second decision that can just change everything.”

Police are still searching for the suspect but have discovered the stolen Honda in Portland, just a few miles away from the scene of the incident, according to CNN. (RELATED: Gov. Kate Brown Activates Oregon State Guard Ahead Of Possible Protests)

“This is a good learning lesson for all of us who have children,” Henderson told CNN. “Be extra careful with your kids, take the extra step to make sure they’re safe.”