Sunny Hostin Says 74 Million Americans Have Been ‘Brainwashed’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin claimed Tuesday that 74 million Americans had been “brainwashed” into believing anything President Donald Trump said.

During a segment of ABC’s “The View,” Hostin argued that Trump’s “misinformation campaign over the past four years” had left his voters ready and willing to believe him if he said the threat of a future “witch hunt” forced him to preemptively pardon himself. (RELATED: ‘How Dare They?’: Sunny Hostin Slams Those Who ‘Enabled’ Trump For Daring To Quote MLK)


Hostin began the segment by suggesting that Trump might pardon himself in the final moments of his presidency, but co-host Joy Behar argued that such a move might be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

“If he pardons himself, Sunny, that admits that he’s guilty and then when the impeachment in the Senate comes up, what are they supposed to do with that?” Behar asked. “They have to convict him. He himself is saying I’m guilty.”

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Hostin agreed, but she cautioned that he was likely to claim that he was issuing the pardon as a roadblock to future “witch hunts” or retaliatory prosecutions.

“And guess what? 74 million people are going to believe that,” Hostin continued. “Because they’ve been brainwashed, Joy. I really believe they have been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign over the past four years.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed, pivoting then to address how much “damage” she believed the Trump administration had done. “He’s leaving an array of problems that I feel are going to bite us in the behind,” she said.