Joe Scarborough Says Trump-Centric Coverage Gave Biden ‘Cover’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that the media’s constant focus on President Donald Trump had given cover to President-elect Joe Biden.

Scarborough said that the coming weeks could be a challenge for Biden since he would be building his new administration under the renewed scrutiny of the press once it was less distracted by Trump. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Says Capitol Rioters Are No Different Than Hitler’s Brownshirts Or Mussolini’s Thugs)


“Let me bring up something we really haven’t had time to talk about over the past several months,” Scarborough said. “Joe Biden through all of this chaos, of course, there have been many things that have been detrimental to a smooth start for the Biden administration.”

“But one thing that Biden has had is — is cover, because the media has been chasing one story after another about Donald Trump, as we have from the start and Joe Biden has not gotten the close look that most president-elects have gotten,” Scarborough continued.

Scarborough went on to say that Biden would not be the first to have an administration get off to a rocky start, mentioning former President Bill Clinton as an example.

“This is something Biden and his team are going to be noticing over the past — the coming weeks. They are suddenly going to feel the hot glare of those klieg lights that are being turned from Donald Trump now and going to be focusing squarely on them,” Scarborough concluded.